Havza Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center Enhances the Quality of Life for Lymphedema Patients
06 Eylül 2023, Çarşamba - 17:15
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Lymphedema patients find relief and improved quality of life at the Havza Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, affiliated with Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU).

Established by OMU in 2019, this center operates under the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at the Faculty of Medicine, providing essential services to patients needing physiotherapy.

The center specializes in enhancing the quality of life for patients, particularly those who have experienced discomfort following surgical procedures such as breast or ovarian cancer, where lymph nodes are removed. Additionally, it offers treatments for conditions arising from radiotherapy, trauma, cellulitis, and lymphangitis infections. Through its dedicated services, the center is making a significant impact on the well-being and comfort of patients dealing with these health challenges.

"Havza Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center Extends Services to Patients from Surrounding Provinces"

The Havza Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, affiliated with Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), is not only serving the residents of Samsun but also extending its healthcare services to patients from neighboring provinces.

Prof. Dr. İlker İlhanlı from the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at the Faculty of Medicine, who is the Responsible Physician at the Havza Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, explained that lymphedema is a condition characterized by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in tissues, resulting in swelling in the arms and legs. He noted that lymphedema is frequently encountered, particularly following specific surgical interventions.

Commenting on the causes, İlhanlı stated, "Cells reside within a fluid called tissue fluid, and waste products produced by cells are filtered through the lymphatic system, passing through lymph nodes before being released into the normal bloodstream. Lymphedema arises due to various issues in this circulation. One of the most common causes is surgical procedures. We frequently encounter cases of lymphedema in the arm after breast cancer surgery and in the leg after gynecological surgery."

"We Encounter a Significant Number of Lymphedema Cases, Not to be Underestimated"

Prof. Dr. İlker İlhanlı emphasized that the most significant risk factor for lymphedema is familial factors, stating, "If lymphedema is present in the family, there is a high likelihood of developing lymphedema in individuals in the future. Additionally, certain circulatory disorders can disrupt lymphatic flow and lead to lymphedema. Although it occurs in one in a thousand people, we actually encounter a significant number of lymphedema cases, which should not be underestimated."

His comments shed light on the importance of recognizing the risk factors associated with lymphedema and the need for specialized care and attention, particularly for those with a family history of the condition. The Havza Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center's role in addressing these cases underscores its commitment to improving the well-being of individuals affected by lymphedema.

"Patients Present with Swelling Complaints in Arms and Legs, Sometimes Unilateral and Sometimes Bilateral"

Regarding the potential for lymphedema to be mistaken for other conditions, İlhanlı explained, "When it comes to differential diagnosis, lymphedema can sometimes be confused with swelling caused by circulatory disorders in the veins. Additionally, it can be mistaken for systemic diseases such as heart, kidney, liver issues, or inflammatory rheumatic diseases. Therefore, a thorough differential diagnosis is essential. Patients typically seek medical attention with complaints of swelling in their arms and legs, which can be either unilateral or bilateral. They often notice a specific increase in the circumference of their arms and legs. In addition to these physical symptoms, patients may also experience pain, limited mobility, and skin problems, which prompt them to seek medical care."

Prof. Dr. İlker İlhanlı further discussed the lymphedema treatment administered at the center, stating:

"Lymphedema treatment involves lymphatic massage, bandaging, and compression garments. Alongside these, we incorporate exercises into the treatment regimen. This is a highly specialized field that demands expertise and experience. At the OMU Faculty of Medicine Havza Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, we continue providing successful treatments without charging extra session fees."

The emphasis on accurate diagnosis and specialized care underscores the center's dedication to addressing the unique challenges posed by lymphedema and improving the lives of affected individuals.

"We Discharge Patients After Approximately 30 Sessions"

Elif Ulukan, a Havza Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center physiotherapist, is also a lymphedema physiotherapist. She highlighted her training in lymphedema therapy, stating, "I received my lymphedema therapy training from the Academy Of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS), which is the only certificate program internationally recognized and approved by the Ministry of Health. After physicians diagnose patients, we take the necessary measurements. We initiate model lymphatic drainage and bandaging therapy by following the measurements using volumetry and a tape measure. After approximately 30 sessions, we provide patients with compression garments and discharge them."

Elif Ulukan's expertise and the center's comprehensive approach to lymphedema therapy demonstrate their commitment to delivering effective treatments and enhancing the well-being of patients dealing with this condition.

"Commutes Daily from Suluova, Amasya, for Treatment"

Twenty-one-year-old Osman Oran, a resident of Suluova in Amasya, who undergoes lymphedema treatment in the city center, shared his journey of battling osteochondroma (benign bone tumor) since age 4. He recounted:

"I've been having surgeries since I was four years old. I've had 12 surgeries. About four months ago, I had surgery on my foot. After the surgery, I experienced swelling in my foot, which limited my mobility. As my discomfort increased, I scheduled an appointment with the Havza Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center and began the necessary treatment. I commute to and from Suluova for my treatment. Thanks to the treatments, my swelling has significantly decreased, and I have regained my quality of life."

Osman Oran's determination and the positive impact of his treatment at the Havza Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center exemplify the center's commitment to improving the lives of patients facing various health challenges.

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