Cultural Reflections from the Hemp Yarn to the Loom
02 Ağustos 2022, Salı - 17:22
Güncelleme: 02 Ağustos 2022, Salı - 17:22
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Coşkun Yanar, Lecturer in Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Samsun Vocational School (MYO) Handicrafts Department, visited Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal to introduce the project entitled "The Secret of Hemp; Cultural Reflections from Yarn to the Loom".

In the meeting held at the Rector's Office, Yanar stated that with the project in question, woven and knitted products made of hemp yarn will begin to take their place on the loom to bring our cultural heritage back to life.

Our goal is to restore the cultural heritage

Pointing out that Samsun is one of the vital hemp production centres, Yanar said: "In the past, pieces such as textile and rope, which are the products of our traditional culture, were produced from hemp yarn. Today, these products are disappearing. In the project, products will be reproduced with yarn obtained from hemp, and these cultural products will be revived, and our cultural heritage will be brought back to life. In this context, it was planned to develop new designs and models of the products made in the past and to make sample productions. It aims to increase the production area of these products in the region by producing new designs and models."

Woven and knitted products were produced

Yanar also informed Rector Ünal about the importance and function of hemp yarn and added, "Within the scope of the project, we produced hemp and hemp blended yarns and woven and knitted products. We achieved the project's goal by producing men's and women's shirts, women's tunics, cardigans, women's bags in different models, tether bags, scarves, shawls, ties, and rugs."

The meeting ended after Rector Ünal examined the products made from hemp yarn.

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