Rector Ünal Presents Certificates to International Students
29 Haziran 2022, Çarşamba - 11:40
Güncelleme: 29 Haziran 2022, Çarşamba - 11:40
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The rector of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU)  Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal handed over certificates to the international students studying as part of the Cultural Ambassadors Project managed by the International Relations Office and funded by the OMU Foundation at a ceremony.

Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Cengiz Batuk, Head of OMU Turkish Teaching Application and Research Center Prof. Dr. Bekir Şişman, Head of International Relations Office Prof. Dr. Mustafa Said Kurşunoğlu, Head of OMU Foundation Assoc. Prof. Dr. İdris Varıcı, s well as academicians and students, attended the certification ceremony.

Aryan Jahangirian: “This project has taught us how to view life differently”

Aryan Jahangirian, a third-year student at the Faculty of Dentistry, spoke on behalf of the students participating in the Cultural Ambassadors Project and said, “ "We are glad to announce the completion of the Cultural Ambassadors Project, which will surely play a significant role in my university career and remain in my memory forever. I'm certain that the lessons we learned through the course of the project allowed my friends from all over the world to view life differently, as I did, and elevated our emotions to a new level.”

Kurşunoğlu: 50 students from 21 countries will represent our country as Cultural Ambassadors around the world. “

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Said Kurşunoğlu, Head of the International Relations Office, said: “ The project, designed by our rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, turned the negative effects of the pandemic's severe quarantine regulations on schooling into a chance for education and training in favor of our international students. 50 students from 21 different nations participated in the project, taking two semesters of 28 hours each of courses like Advanced Academic Turkish, Cinema Workshop, Recent History of Turkey, Creative Writing, and socio-cultural activities. Those with a grade point average of 3 or higher received full scholarships to the project. Our students' ability to communicate and comprehend academic and literary Turkish as well as their attainment of intellectual awareness at the level of directing in terms of reflecting cultures through visual arts, particularly cinema, are both made possible by the courses they studied. The project's financial sponsor, OMU-Foundation, spent a total of 250 000 TL in funding to support education. I congratulate all of our international students who have graduated from our university with honors, received their diplomas, and are now qualified to serve as cultural ambassadors abroad on behalf of our country.”

Rector Ünal: “We want to help our students comprehend how we feel and convey that understanding to the other people through the Cultural Ambassadors Project”

In his speech, Rector Ünal said, “ This project, which we began in 2020 while everyone was subject to a quarantine that forbade them from leaving their houses or even their rooms, is mainly concerned with our viewpoint and vision for education and international students. In today's environment, obtaining a degree is no longer the only goal of school. Every field requires skilled people, which puts quality ahead of quantity. We’ve aimed to provide our international students with training processes with specially developed content in addition to their formal education so they can improve themselves by taking advantage of this opportunity, become familiar with Turkish language and even dominate it academically and literarily, understand and feel our thoughts and feelings, and communicate them to people in their region.”

“The Project is the first among the universities in Turkey”

Stating that the the Project is the first among the universities, Prof. Dr. Ünal said, “ We want the foreign students we train to go back to their own nations and serve their own states and governments. If you are successful here, we want you to stay until you have completed your doctoral studies but then go back to your home country and share what you have learned there for the benefit of your own people and the country. I'm excited to see OMU grads working in a variety of roles and fields when I travel abroad, including doctors, managers, ministers, deputy ministers, school principals, teachers, and agricultural engineers. It is satisfying to observe the outcomes of our university's decades-long institutional commitment in internationalization.”

“Our university has students from 120 different nations, which is our greatest asset”

Rector Ünal said, “The fact that we have students at our university from 120 different nations is our biggest asset. If only one color dominates everything, for example, if white is everywhere, you will lose sight of everything after a while; different colors make everyone visible and exist. As a result, I see you as a richness that best expresses the university's universality as a mosaic of colors. I'd like to express my gratitude to all of the faculty members who have contributed to this project. I would like to congratulate all the students who have been designated by our university as cultural ambassadors for our country as a result of their participation in this project.”

The program concluded with the presentation of certificates to students who have completed the Cultural Ambassadors Project successfully.

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