Today is the Day for Samsunspor

09 February 2017, Thursday - 21:26


Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Senate, as the highest decision making body, held a meeting at the rectorate building to cover the agenda. 51 senate members who have attended the meeting held under the chairmanship of Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç all wore the red-white-black jersey of Samsun’s brand value Samsunspor FC. This gesture was noted to be a first in the Senate’s history.

During the meeting, the latest developments at Samsunspor FC, which is Samsun’s supreme representative in football, were addressed and discussed under the common view “The day calls for unity and solidarity for our Samsunspor, just like it is for our country and nation”.

Last week, board members of Samsunspor had visited OMU and exchanged ideas with Rector Bilgiç and Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Dr. Menderes Kabadayı at a consultation meeting where the latest situation of Samsunspor FC was discussed. Holding the senate meeting within this concept following last week’s meeting made this gesture even more meaningful.

“Distinguished Value of Our City”

With the purchase of 2500 tickets for the Samsunspor Raffle, which is organized for the 51st foundation anniversary of the club, OMU also gave the message of “From now on, Samsunspor will be both remembered and honored at Ondokuz Mayıs University, which is another distinguished and integrated brand of the city”.

“Samsunspor is both one of the leading institutional actors which is always in the public eye, and also is the most important common ground for all the other actors of the city. Our team is the leading source of excitement, pride, and morale for this city and her people. Without doubt, our Samsunspor constitutes one of the most prominent values in creating a strong city identity and forming a strong sense of belonging to our city. We must show effort to the best of our ability in order to become more integrated with this distinguished value of our city, and to share more with one another. Because Samsunspor FC deserves this with its history and its mission.” said Rector Bilgiç in his speech.

Last Update: 21 February 2017, Tuesday - 19:10

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