OMU Engineering Faculty Students Receive an Award at Teknofest
26 September 2020, Saturday - 13:24
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The “Domestic Software Award” was granted to the Atakuş UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Team, consisting of OMU students from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, in the category of “Rotary Wing UAV” in TEKNOFEST 2020 International UAV Competition which was held in Gaziantep and aimed at increasing qualified human resources in the field of science and engineering in Turkey.

Atakuş UAV Team was supervised by Asst. Prof. İdris Sancaktar, the academic member of OMU Faculty of Engineering and the founder of Sancaktar Bilişim that is an R&D company in Samsun Teknopark. In the competition, Deniz Can Aykurt was the captain of the team, Hazal Kara was the pilot and Hüseyin Can Küçüksezer, Mehmet Kaan Yılmaz and Yusuf Dizdar were the team members.

“We Received This Award with a Great Team”

Sancaktar, the academic supervisor of the team, stated that “ This year we won the “Domestic Software Award” and this was our first participation. I believe that we will achieve greater success in the later years. We received this award with a great team that is very good at software and electronics. “

Atakuş Team Captain Deniz Can Aykurt said, “First of all, we would like to thank our mentor who supported us in every way, answered our questions regardless of time, and worked with us when necessary. We worked very hard with our teammates and wanted to return to our university with an award. We are so happy and proud that we have achieved this. A big thanks to my teammates and everyone for their wonderful support. “

Last Update: 26 September 2020, Saturday - 13:24
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