Experts Discuss the Measures To Be Taken against Covid-19 in Schools
17 September 2020, Thursday - 15:43
Updated: 17 September 2020, Thursday - 15:43
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The seminar on "Covid-19 and School Life" organized in cooperation with the Samsun Provincial Directorate of National Education and Ondokuz Mayıs University was carried out under the moderation of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Tevfik Sünter from the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health.

At the seminar, which was broadcast live on OMU's YouTube channel, faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine informed about the Covid-19 virus and the measures to be taken against the virus in accordance with their expertise, and answered the questions from the moderator Prof. Dr. Ahmet Tevfik Sunter and the participants.

Faculty Member of the Department of Infectious Diseases Dr. Fatih Temoçin, Faculty Member of the Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Diseases Dr. Yusuf Yasin Gümüş, Faculty Member of the Department of Chest Diseases Dr. Yusuf Taha Güllü, Faculty Member of the Department of Medical Microbiology Assoc. Prof. Yasemin Tanrıverdi Çaycı, Faculty Member of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Disease Dr. Emine Hafize Erdeniz attended the seminar as speakers.

Administrators, teachers, students, and parents attended the seminar, which was held to take part in the effective fight against the Covid-19 virus that has affected the whole world and seriously has changed the natural course of life. In the seminar, prevention and protection measures against Covid-19 were explained in accordance with the scientific guidelines to inform the stakeholders in education accurately and effectively. Experts in the seminar gave a detailed scientific explanation of false information on Covid-19 for the purpose of informing the public.

The speakers also shared the protective measures to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic with the participants to ensure safe school environments for both teachers and students.

During the seminar, some issues on the transmission of Covid-19 through breast milk and protective properties and benefits of breast milk were also discussed and the seminar concluded with an overall evaluation.


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