"Journalists are public’s eyes that see, ears that hear, and tongues that talk"

12 January 2017, Thursday - 12:12


It is a fact that journalists and journalism, which can be accepted as a social sensitivity profession due to it being the public’s eyes that see, ears that hear and tongues that talk, have a vital role as being the reference frame of the public in today’s world.

Journalists, while carrying out this sacred profession also deemed as white collar workers, are equipped with several functions such as thoroughly executing the job of preserving the benefits of the public and inspection and criticizing on behalf of the public.

The public responsibility of journalists situated at such a vital intersection is undoubtedly of the highest degree. On the other hand, the securing of the rights of journalists in this process which demands huge self-sacrifice and intense effort such as producing ideas and communicating them to the public is the guaranty of the freedom of information not only the journalists but also the public.

With these feelings and thoughts I celebrate the January 10, Working Journalists Day which reflects the history of the struggle of journalists to acquire important gains in their personal rights and is an outcome of that history.


Prof. Dr. Sait BİLGİÇ

Last Update: 12 January 2017, Thursday - 12:12

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