Media Talks with Famous Reporter Nazlı Çelik at OMU
03 Mayıs 2018 - 15:35
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Ondokuz Mayıs University hosted Nazlı Çelik, Chief Editor of Star TV News, who has received numerous awards and who is admired by the Turkish people for her attitude, personality and successful career in media.

Famous reporter Nazlı Çelik met the students at OMU within the scope of Ondokuz Mayıs Talks held every two months, and she talked about the events in her professional life, her points of view and personal traits during the interview entitled "Beyond the News with Nazlı Çelik.

Star TV's famous reporter Nazlı Çelik was welcomed with great interest and enthusiasm in the program held in OMU Atatürk Congress and Culture Center with the participation of Rector Prof. Sait Bilgiç, academicians and students.

“We were in pursuit of life”

In her interview, famous reporter Çelik pointed out that she always had a curiosity and inquisitive spirit as a person, and she stated that she specialized in the criminal and judiciary fields as a reporter. She remarked: "I think these fields enrich the inner inquisitive spirit. At that time we followed very critical cases, and we actually pursued the life in a sense during all those conflicts, bombings and other events. On the other hand, we touched upon the people's lives. We had a vivid reporting life because we worked as an agency in the thematic channels such as NTV and CNBC. However, a new era has begun in my life when I started to work in Star TV. I encountered certain difficulties in preparing the night news because we were hosting famous guests from a wide range of subjects. Then I worked in all areas of the news. "

“I trust women's hearts, strengths and perspectives”

Nazlı Çelik gave pieces of advice and made suggestions for the students in the department of education, and she stated: "we are in a very intense tempo. Our profession is not like a public office, it does not have specific hours of work. I do not remember celebrating any feast day or Christmas with my family. In this profession, there is no discrimination between men and women, the professional strength and courage are in your heart. I trust women's hearts, strengths and skills. Of course, we cannot deny the contributions of men to our newsletter, but I think that the news prepared from women's perspectives is quite different. "

“Loving your country, your nation and your flag is a matter of supra-parties”

Nazlı Çelik pointed out that she was faced with many labels in her professional life and that she was still in the prosecution process for numerous legal cases. She remarked: "It is very easy for everyone to tie you into a specific ideology in a period when the polarity is felt so intensely. Every profession has a challenge, and these labels are the main challenge of our profession. If you're doing something, of course, some people will not like it. But as I always say, loving your country, nation and flag is a matter of supra-parties no matter which party you vote for or which idea you advocate. Because we always have to bear our duty of loyalty in our hearts as the individuals who are born and raised in this country."

“Politics is much more enjoyable when you watch it from afar”

Nazlı Çelik was asked if she would engage in politics, she answered this question: "I have received proposals to engage in politics, but I never think of being a part of this area. Politics has no place in my professional career. I think politics is much more enjoyable when you watch it from afar, I do not want to be in it."

After a pleasant conversation, Rector Prof. Sait Bilgiç thanked Nazlı Çelik and his colleagues who contributed to the organization of the event. Then Rector Bilgic presented the sapling certificate and flowers to the guest Nazlı Çelik. Emirhan Bicakçı, a student in the Department of Art Education, presented his pencil drawing to famous reporter Nazlı Çelik.

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