Senior and Junior Theater-Players of OMU Met with Rector Bilgiç at Breakfast
Per, 26/04/2018 - 09:53
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The members of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Theater Club met with Rector Prof. Sait Bilgiç at breakfast.

The breakfast program organized by the Rectorate enabled that the future theatre-players studying in different departments at OMU met with the senior players coming to Samsun from different cities within the scope of 24th National Theater Festival of OMU.

The program organized in the dining hall at Rectorial Building was held with the participation of Rector Prof. Sait Bilgiç, Vice Rector Prof. Vedat Ceyhan, Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Menderes Kabadayı, Güngör Kural, Director of the Department of Heath Culture and Sports, and senior and junior theatre players.

"We are striving to keep contact with our graduates"

Rector Bilgiç gave a speech to the theatre players, and he stated that the university placed importance on the graduates and undergraduate students. Rector Bilgiç remarked: "We know that our graduates play a significant and valuable role in the promotion, recognition and respectability of our university. For this reason, our Alumni Office performs its duties so as to keep contact with the graduates. As the administrative authority of the university, we strive to keep this relationship and dialogue alive and to enhance the success of our University.” Rector Bilgiç also stated that the success of the graduates would provide positive outcomes for OMU.

“The club has been introducing the theatre to the children in villages and towns for 30 years”

At the breakfast, the graduates emphasized that OMU Theater Club, one of the most productive clubs in Turkey with its approximately ten thousand members, came into prominence with its children's theatre and that the club had introduced theatre to the children in villages and towns for 30 years. Then they thanked Rector Bilgiç for his kindness and support.

The play named "Fanus" will be put on the stage today within the scope of 24th National Theater Festival of OMU being celebrated in the Fine Arts Campus.

At the end of the breakfast program, the graduates took photographs with Rector Bilgiç and other officers, and they invited Rector Bilgiç to their plays.

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