TS EN ISO 9001 – 2015 Certification Awarded to the Faculty of Engineering
06 March 2018 - 14:32
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Quality Management System ISO 9001 Certification by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) for the University’s performance in the quality process.

Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç, TSE Chairman Sebahattin Korkmaz, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Vedat Ceyhan, Faculty of Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Birol Elevli and faculty management, TSE Black Sea Coordinator Adnan Bahadır, TSE Samsun Certification Director Erol Kaygı, various faculty deans and vocational school directors, academic staff, research assistants and faculty staff attended the ISO 9001 – 2015 Quality Management System Certification Ceremony held at the Faculty of Engineering Conference Hall.

Delivering the opening and thanks speech, Dean Prof. Dr. Elevli stated that the Quality Management System, which was first published in 1987 by ISO, aims to manage the value producing units of institutions and a continuous improvement in all processes. Reminding that the Faculty started ISO 9001 – 2015 Quality Management System establishment efforts in December 2016, Dean Elevli said “Goals such as raising better-equipped ad self-reliant graduates, raising competitive performance and developing internal processes made it inevitable to secure the educational and R&D (Research and Development) activities and administrative services quality of our Faculty”.

“Our works gave its first fruits in our Faculty”

Sharing the developments in the quality process with the attendees, Dean Elevli continued “Our efforts to establish a quality management system, which has been going on for more than a year, gave its first fruits in our Faculty. We firmly believe that the efforts to establish a quality management system in our University will also be successful. From now on our quality journey will continue through our efforts to sustain and develop the system with the participation of all our staff.”

Taking the stage afterward, TSE Head Sebahittin Korkmaz pointed out that the quality concept is utilized and given importance in all the fields of our lives and said “The concept of quality is in fact meeting our expectations besides coming to the forefront in our own system of values.”

“Standards​ are values open to development and continuous improvement”

Korkmaz continued “As you know, standards are minimum values; and thus open to development and continuous improvement. It’s the job of those who take part in standardization to achieve this. As TSE, it is of utmost importance that academicians, internalizing quality management systems, search for an answer to the question of how we can better and improve these systems and, sharing these questions and answers with us, transfer them to international standardization processes.”

“Our main goal is to become​ one of the best universities”

The last speaker of the ceremony, Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç stated that they have been solemnly and persistently continuing the quality management process since they started duty.  Saying that, as an institution producing knowledge and technology, the University has to be credible, Rector Bilgiç continued “It will ease our job if particularly our academicians and staff are aware of the importance of standardization. We aim for becoming one of the best universities. We even encouraged some of our units to rank first. Furthermore, we need to render the quality management process sustainable. In this scope, one of the most intensively working units of the University is the quality commission. Our friends here are in a work tempo the reward of which is only the happiness they feel when they see the results.”

“We beca​me more hopeful with this certification”

Emphasizing that they give great importance to the cooperation with TSE and started this process with firm belief, Rector Bilgiç continued “We will continue our way being aware of the continuity of this process and with belief. We have students from different countries of the world; they will also observe the advantage of this process. We believe that when our international students return to their home countries well-equipped, they will become voluntary ambassadors of OMU. With this certification our hopes escalated. We will certainly provide change and development. Each of us is showing the self-sacrifice in this concept.”
The certification ceremony ended with the presentation of thanks letters by Rector Bilgiç and Vice Rector Ceyhan to the academic and administrative staff who put effort in this process.

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