General Director of ASELSAN Gives Information about Domestic and National Activities of the Institution

15 December 2019, Sunday - 23:40



Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, Chairman of the Executive Board and General Director of ASELSAN that is the biggest Turkish institution in defense technology listed among the first 100 defense companies all over the world, gave a conference on “the role of ASELSAN in Domestication and Nationalization” in Samsun where he was invited by Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU).

The conference organized in Atatürk Congress and Culture Center at OMU was held with the participation of Samsun Governor Osman Kaymak, Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Sabri Kılıç, Chief Public Prosecutor of Samsun, OMU Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç, Namık Kemal Nazlı, District Governor of Atakum, Dr. Ömer Urhal, Provincial Police Chief of Samsun, Necattin Demirtaş, Mayor of İlkadım, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Vedat Ceyhan, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kuran, Vice Rector Prof. Mehmet Ali Cengiz, Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Menderes Kabadayı, President of OKA Mevlüt Özen, Salih Zeki Murzioğlu, President of Chamber of Commerce in Samsun, academic and administrative staff, administrative authorities of public institutions and NGOs, business persons, and students.

“We have signed a protocol with ASELSAN and significant industrial institutions”

Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç gave information about the protocol prepared to train researchers for the defense industry and signed among OMU, ASELSAN, and Presidency of Defense Industries, and he remarked: “research projects of our graduate students based on their dissertations could be supported by the Presidency of Defense Industries as the common project of ASELSAN and our University within the scope of the protocol. Apart from ASELSAN, we have signed numerous protocols with TAI, Samsun Country Defense, and BORSAN. We are particularly expecting that the academicians in the Faculty of Engineering can present the coordinated projects to be developed in the priority areas and in line with the long-term and medium-term R&D strategies of these companies from the dissertations of the students enregistered in the graduate programs of the university”.

Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, Chairman of the Executive Board and General Director of ASELSAN, gave detailed information on the institutionalization process of ASELSAN, its activities, production fields, incomes, universities, and cooperation with the universities and industrial institutions in the conference entitled “the Role of ASELSAN in Domestication and Nationalization”.

“ASELSAN strives to be listed among the first 50 defense companies in all over the world”

General Director Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün emphasized the continuous success in all tasks of ASELSAN established in 1975, and he stated: “ASELSAN is one of the most precious institutions of Turkey adopted by our citizens. The institution has fulfilled each responsibility with its own solutions, culture and approaches in the process of project design of the electronic needs in the field of defense. ASELSAN has been among the first 100 defense companies in the world, and it strives to be listed among the first 50 companies. This is only possible through the capacities of qualified individuals”.

“We have made great progress in our activities on the civil population”

General Director Haluk Görgün indicated that ASELSAN had 5 main activity fields in 5 different sectors, and he listed these fields as communication and information technologies, microelectronic coordination electro-optical guided systems, radar electronic warfare systems, defense system technologies and transportation for the civil population, security, energy, and health sector. Görgün remarked that ASELSAN has been carrying out its activities for the civil population for several years.

“We have an annual turnover of 2 milliard dollars”

Görgün said that ASELSAN has been ranked in the 52nd among the defense systems industries in the world, and he added that the institution had an annual turnover of 2 milliard dollars and an export capacity of 200 million dollars.

“Domestic and national production has gone up from 20% to 65%”

General Director Haluk Görgün noted that ASELSAN was established for domestic and national production, and he said: “This is not an easy and rapidly developing process. However, we have increased the domestic and national production from 20% to 65% thanks to the strong will of our President of the Republic especially in the last 15 years”.

Prof. Görgün answered the questions of Samsun industrialists, university students and academicians after his presentation.

Subsequent to the film presentation prepared by ASELSAN, Governor Osman Kaymak and Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç thanked Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, General Director and Chairman of the Executive Board of ASELSAN, for the valuable information and they gave him a sapling certificate.

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