Faculty of Tourism’s First Graduates
12 July 2017 - 15:52
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Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Faculty of Tourism proudly graduated its first students.

District Governor Ali Fuat Türkel, Mayor Zihni Şahin, Vice Rector Prof. Vedat Ceyhan, Dean of Faculty of Tourism Prof. Fatma Aydın, Businessman and Philanthropist Kaya Aşçı, Dean of Yaşar Doğu Faculty of Sport Sciences Prof. Mehmet Emirzeoğlu, Dean of Faculty of Medicine Prof. Ayhan Dağdemir, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Prof. Yusuf Demir, Advisor to the Rector Assoc. Prof. Onur Bekiroğlu, academicians, students and their families have attended the graduation ceremony held at Faculty of Tourism’s Hanife Aşçı Conference Hall.

The opening speech of the ceremony was given by the top scoring student of the department Seçil Tatlıcan. In her speech, Tatlıcan expressed her eagerness to join the ranks of the sector and thanked the academicians of the faculty and her family.

“We were very excited when we laid the foundations of this school”

Businessman Kaya Taşçı, who has made a significant contribution to the opening of the faculty through his donations, has expressed his excitement and enthusiasm for speaking at the graduation ceremony, and said the following: “Speaking here today is more difficult than building a school. We were very excited in those years when we laid the foundations of this school, and we tried to do the best we could and contributed to the school in every respect. It would bring us the biggest happiness if you would just honour us by proudly saying that you have graduated from OMU Şevket Aşçı Faculty of Tourism.”

“Don’t be ordinary, be a citizen of the world”

Vice Dean and Head of the Department of Tourism Management Assoc. Prof. Yetkin Bulut expressed their joy in giving their first graduates, and said the following: “You are now beginning a new life. My advice for you is that you become a citizen of the world. Comprehend the world and have the quality to do that. Do not be ordinary, be always different. Do your jobs the best you can. Sakıp Sabancı has a good saying; ‘Know something about everything, but know everything about one specific thing.’ I wish you all the best.”

"Today is the first day of your proud profession"

“In the Arabic language, graduating means getting permission. Today, you are getting permission to begin to work and stand on your own legs. Today is the first day of your profession, which you will proudly carry with yourselves, and we are very happy to share this day with you. As OMU Faculty of Tourism, our aim is to raise innovative and qualified executives of the highest standards who respect their people and traditions, who can use the developing education technologies, who conduct research on the protection and development of tourism. I would like to thank all of our teachers who worked for this purpose and raised you. Be afraid of no one except your own conscience, and may god speed you.” said Dean of Faculty of Tourism Prof. Dr. Fatma Aydın in her speech.

“Never stop following your dreams”

Vice Rector Prof. Vedat Ceyhan emphasized the importance of dreaming and said the following; “Everything in life begins with a dream, and you are all the products of a dream. You are the tangible products of a beautiful dream which started with the question: Can we establish a faculty in Bafra? Please, never stop following your dreams, under any condition. Nothing happens without a dream. We will be continuing to be there for you whenever you need us.”

Following Prof. Ceyhan, Mayor of Bafra Zihni Şahin and District Governor Ali Fuat Türkel gave speeches and summarised the events occurred from the beginning of the establishment of the faculty up until today.

Top scoring student Seçil Tatlıcan received her diploma from District Governor Türkel, second top scoring student Meltem Varol received her diploma from Mayor Şahin, and third top scoring student Burcu Tütüncü received her diploma from Prof. Ceyhan. Following the top scoring students, 36 students received their graduation certificates from the academicians of the department. The students then took their professional oaths under the guidance of Dean Aydın, and the ceremony ended with the throwing of caps.

Story: Nehir GÜLER

Photography: Gökhan ÇETİN

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